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Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanner

Digital Persona URU4000B Fingerprint Reader/Biometric Scanner
BUY FROM US at RM380 per unit

Scan and save fingerprint image

Fingerprint-Reader-URU4000BFingerprint-Reader-USB-Biometric-Scanner-URU4000B fingerprint

My Tenant

My Tenant

My Tenant

Category: Productivity


Note: If you are a Landlord then download and install this app. If you are a Tenant then download and install My Landlord.

How to use My Tenant:

* Sign Up for new user
* Sign In for existing user
* Re-verify if unable to sign up successful for first time

[My Tenant]
* Press New Tenant button at bottom to create a Tenant
* Short Press to view Statement for Rental/Other (Other can use to keep track other charge e.g. utility or Internet bill)
* Long Press to maintain Tenant Profile

[Tenant Profile]
* Update Tenant Name, Mobile and PIN
* Update every month Rental/Other amount for a year

* Short Press an item in Statement bring to Approval screen (if payment already submitted using My Landlord app)
* Long Press to edit tenants rental or other payment
* Select Year drop-down to filter payment history by Year 2016/2015
* Left square indicates every month payment is paid or unpaid
1. Paid (Light Green)
2. Unpaid (Light Red)
3. Partially Paid/Overpaid (Light Yellow)
4. Payment Pending Approval (Light Blue)
5. No Charge/Not Due (White)
* Color bars indicates payment period (Longer means late)
1. Early/On Time (Green)
2. Before 15th (Yellow)
3. Late/Over Due (Red)

* User can approve/reject payment submitted by Tenant (from My Landlord app)

If you are unable to verify your account for first time, please enter your Mobile and Pin again then press on Reverify button. The server will send you the verification code again in background and you may try to login once you are verified. If you still facing problem, please email us for further assistant.

This app requires Google Play Services to be installed for displaying ad banner. The app won’t start if Google Play Services is not installed.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We received a lot of feedback from users that the app is not able to open for Android 6.0 or newer. This is due to changes in storage in new version of Android. Please update to version 1.4.5 to fix the issue. Thanks.

(16 Feb 2016) We are planning to have a paid version in the near future for managing more tenants at a very low price. This free version is supporting maximum of 2 tenants.

Note: This app is use together with another app called My Landlord (for Tenant).

Get it on Google Play

MyKad Reader System

This system can read Malaysian MyKad information and photo in 5 – 7 seconds!


Suitable integration with system for:

  • Verifying participants for events
  • Time attendance system for employee
  • Visitor registration for property management system
  • Register customer details for bank
  • Register patient detail for clinic or hospital


Features include:

  • Save Mykad data and photo (jpg) into a database (MS Access 2003)
  • Search and Print function
  • Generate html file
  • Backup and restore database
  • Read data only mode
  • Name field editable
  • Additional fields such as tel no, email, consent and remarks


System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 98/ME/XP/Vista®/2000/7/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
  • PC with a 500 MHz or higher CPU (AMD/Intel x86/64bit) with USB port
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Hard disk space: 10 MB for software installation (10MB for setup file)
  • Keyboard, mouse or other pointing device
  • MS Access installation is not required for software to run


Tested and compatible with:

  • Castles EZ100PU
  • ACS ACR38
  • ROCKEY 200
  • Alcor Micro USB smart card reader
  • Other PC/SC compliant smart card reader

exe file (10 MB) downloaded 171 times

zip file (10 MB) downloaded 96 times

Contact us to purchase a one-time activation license.

Software License Price: RM399 RM99 per license
Smartcard Reader Price: RM299 Now RM99 per unit SOLD OUT

Alcor Micro SmartCard Reader

Email: Tel: +6016-3230218

We are also ready to customize the software to your needs.

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