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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are becoming more popular in enterprise environment, connecting your current web application hosted on web server and connecting devices in Internet of Things (IoT). We build native Android and IOS apps using features such as GPS, camera, Bluetooth, sensors, text messaging, email and social media.

Sample Apps:

Register User Demo
Download APK (182KB)

apk file (394 KB) downloaded 116 times

Drop A Pin Demo

apk file (1 MB) downloaded 147 times

QR Code Scanner

apk file (980 KB) downloaded 103 times

Desktop Application

Desktop Application


Our Portfolio:

MyKad Terminal (free demo)
MyKad Reader System
Room Booking System (free demo)
Fingerprint Scanner
Visitor Management System
Point of Sales
Accounting System
Handbill Printing System
Voters Checking System

Web Application

Web Application


Demo applications:

Stock Buffer Monitoring System

Demo link: Stock Buffer Monitoring System
User ID: Admin | Password: Admin1234

Technical Support Ticketing System

Demo link: Technical Support Ticketing System
User ID: Admin | Password: Admin1234

Duty Roster Management System

Demo link: Duty Roster Management System
User ID: Admin | Password: Admin1234

Form Generator System

Demo link: Form Generator System
User ID: Admin | Password: Admin1234

Price Checker Console

Demo link: Price Checker Console
User ID: Admin | Password: Admin1234

Simple Inventory Management System

Demo link: Simple Inventory Management System
Username: adminuser | Password: adminuser
Username: demouser | Password: demouser

Web application is an ideal solution in today business

  1. Support multiple devices such as PC, laptop, tablet and smart phones
  2. It allows users to access the app anywhere and anytime
  3. User only need a compatible web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Edge
  4. User does not need to install or uninstall the app
  5. User does not need to update their app
  6. The app usually consume less memory compared to desktop application
  7. Can be hosted on cloud or locally in a small office network environment
  8. Centralized and up-to-date information. The modified data is available to every user instantly
  9. Eliminate duplicate or inconsistent data, multiple version conflict and offline file sharing issues when using offline spreadsheet
  10. Better search and reporting
  11. More security control and reduce human error
  12. More flexible for future upgrade

Web Application connects to your database choice such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access or SQLite

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