Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes

Category: Productivity

Uploaded on Sep 04, 2015. Latest version 2.7 updated on 06 Nov 2017. More than 1,000 downloads to date.


Unlike other apps, Keep My Notes has the following features:
1. Notes are encrypted with password. If you choose not to save your password in the database, you need to login by connecting to server to authenticate and logout will clear the password.
2. The database can store text from keyboard with emoji.
3. You can use this app in offline mode. If you open the app with Internet then the notes are sync between the server and your phone.
4. If you have installed this app on another phone, you can login using the same user id and sync the notes.

How to use:
1. Tap on the 3 dot menu on top right and select Register
2. Enter User ID, Password and Full Name then tap on Register button
3. Tap on the 3 dot menu again and select Login
4. Enter User ID and Password then tap on Login button. Select “Save my password” to keep login.
5. The app connect to the cloud and sync your saved notes
6. Tap on New Note button to create a new note
7. Enter Subject and Note text then tap on Save button
8. To change password, tap on 3 dot menu and select Change Password
9. To log out, tap on 3 dot menu and select Logout

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