Room Booking System

Star Hotel Demo (Windows application) – updated 19 September 2018
Whether you are managing a big hotel or a small home stay, this software allows you to easily manage your rooms booking. It has alert feature, print invoice and official receipt, reporting and manage your room status.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.X, Windows 10*

Download Demo

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 Ver 1.2.20 Dark Mode (Win 10)

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 Ver 1.1.19 Light Mode

If your web browser blocks executable file, you can try to download Zip file.
Ver 1.2.20 Dark Mode Zip file (12 MB) downloaded 1 time
Ver 1.1.19 Light Mode Zip file (14 MB) downloaded 34 times

*Note: Version 1.2.20 support Windows 10 except unable to display Chart in weekly report.


Book A Room (Android App)
Easily update room booking using smartphone
Download Demo
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