My Rental

My Rental

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Uploaded on April 11, 2015


FREE app for Tenants
– to check their Outstanding Amount
– to check their Payment History Rental and Unifi

User friendly interface
– Shows colour bars indicate payment is Paid, Late, Due at particular date for each month
– User can select payment history filtered by Year

How to use:
1. Press Settings button
2. Press Tenant ID
3. Input Tenant ID provided by your Landlord
4. Press PIN
5. Input PIN provided by your Landlord
6. The app will automatically sign in to the Cloud and download the latest data
7. Press “Back” key
8. Press Outstanding Amount button to view amount need to pay
9. Press “Back” key
10. Press Payment History button to view past records for Rental and Unifi
11. Press the Year to select the desire year to view
12. Press “Back” twice to exit the app

Download at Google Play :