Booking MyKad VB6 Accounting System

We have years of experience in developing standalone application which run in Windows, Mac or Linux.

Windows platform
We choose to develop your system using Visual Basic 6.0 based on our experience.

Reason 1: Stability
System which build using VB6 is very stable in most hardware.

Reason 2: Compatibility
It will run in most version of Windows and hardware. No worry about .Net framework version.

Reason 3: Performance
It start up and run faster most of the time compare to system build with .Net

Reason 4: Light
It consumes smaller memory footprint and hard disk space.

However, we also can build your system using Visual Studio .Net with .Net framework 2.0 or above.

Cross platform
If you want a system which can run in multiple platform such as Windows, Mac and Linux then we recommend to develop the system into an executable JAR file.